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Calculate the size of your turf space

Use our handy sod calculator to come up with a rough estimate of the size of the residential or commercial space you want sod for. We can then determine the approximate cost of your project. Use our Sod Calculation calculator and then give us a call to get an estimate.

Our sod calculator is easy to use

Since most yards are large and oddly shaped it is often simpler to estimate a large area by breaking it into several smaller areas. Smaller areas are also easier to measure. Look for small sections that can be approximated as a square and rectangular, triangle, or circular area.


Keep in mind that you are trying to estimate the size of the area in question. Measurements to the nearest foot or so should be a good start. Once you have the dimensions, enter the information one area at a time.  


As each area is entered press the “Add this Area” button and the information will be added to the Result box to the right and the total area will be accumulated in the Total Yard Area box.

Invest in the best quality sod in the area. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of sod and what we can provide to you.

Know the size of your space so you get can the appropriate price quote

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